Saturday, August 23, 2008

My new Friend Nate

I have a new friend named Nate. Nate is French. You can tell that he is French because he makes big gestures with his hands to express himself. Nate's father was a baker at the famous French pastry shop "Fauchon". When Nate was 8 years old his Dad was asked to open up his own pastry shop in Tokyo. Japanese people love Paris, but, usually after Japanese people come back from Paris they get really depressed. They get depressed because Paris tends to be really dirty and smelly and the people there aren't very friendly to Japanese tourists. So, Nate and his family moved to Tokyo, where France could come to Japan. Nate's dad recently went through a mid life crisis and stopped baking beautiful cakes. Rather, he decided to start up his own line of lingerie (I imagine his lingerie to look like his beautifully decorated cakes). He tests his bras out on his wife and Nate's older sister.

The biggest joy in the world is sharing good friends with good friends. I look forward to collecting as many as possible.

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