Saturday, August 30, 2008

Armpit Problems in Southeast Asia

During the screening of "My Magic" by the Singaporean director Eric Khoo, I felt a very sharp pain in my armpit. I hate to say it, but, I kind of felt like I was having a premature heart attack. Post screening I expressed my feeling of discomfort to my friend Jordan. Much to my surprise I realized that he experienced a sharp pain in his pits as well. Several others including professors and industry professionals who overheard our conversation chimed in with similar stories of armpit pain. We put our stories and symptoms together and concluded that we all similarly have inflamed sweat axillary glands due to moisture being trapped in our hair follicles. Gross! The humidity is intense out in these parts, I am selfishly glad that others share in my discomfort.

PS. Go check out Eric Khoo's new film when it gets distributed in the US. The film is about an alcoholic magician that has to take care of his only child. Its very sweet and special.

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