Thursday, October 30, 2008

Weird phrases on Asian T Shirts

On this t-shirt..."donde estan mis pantalones?" click to enlarge

When in Tokyo I noticed a surplus of young women wearing disturbing profanities across their chests. Cute girls in pink baby t's wore shirts that in thick black lettering exclaimed "fuck me please" or "You are an asshole sir". These young woman were no more than 14 years old. The same odd profanities on tight t-shirts exists to some extent in Singapore as well. I suppose its the same concept as Brittney Spears adorning a tattoo of a Chinese character that she thought meant "mysterious" but instead meant "strange". Alas, it would be cruel to compare these girls to Brittney Spears. I can't possibly believe that these young women understand what they wear so boldly across their shirts, and yet they wear these symbols with pride and with confidence. Is the English language no matter what it says or represents that cool? To some, I suppose it is.

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Jason said...

Best one I saw here in Singapore was a young lady with, "dip me in chocolate and throw me to the lesbians".

I didn't have any chocolate.