Sunday, October 26, 2008

Dear friendlies,

This experience has been tough. I have carried 100's of pounds of equipment on a daily basis through the jungle, I have been potentially cursed by sculptures, I have thrown up while shooting in 100 degree weather, I have been celibate, I have been eaten up by weird South East Asian Bugs, I have smelled nasty smells that you never even knew existed (sweat, socks, farts and durian fruit?), I have missed home, I have been reprimanded for eating popcorn in a movie theater, and I have witnessed drunken brawls on a nightly basis. My question I keep on going? Do I continue to build character with these experiences in Graduate school in a far off land, or do I take what I have learned and return home? What do you think? Its challenging going through it, but when I see these experiences written down, whoa.

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