Thursday, July 31, 2008

I swore at a Singaporean and now I feel bad

As a New Yorker, I have a fair amount of confidence in being able to shmooze my way out of many odd situations. Singaporeans won't work with me!

In order to get a Visa, I spent 5 some odd hours at the immigration building only to be told to return later for not having the appropriate forms filled out. I came back later, appropriate forms in hand, however, I did not have a sufficient form of payment (apparently I cannot use cash, credit cards, or bank cards at immigration?) "We only use cash cards, please purchase one at your local 7/11". What the fuck is a cash card? "Who in this world doesn't fucking accept cash? (that was me when I lost it)". I was so mad I was nearly compelled to spit my already illegal gum on the floor! SIDE NOTE: if you get caught with more then three packs of gum in Singapore, you may face hefty jail time for intent to sell. Four 7/11 trips later, I returned to immigration with two cherry slushies, weird chips and a cash card. On my way to yet another line, I was taken a back by an enthusiastic Singaporean woman who shouted "Madonna" as I strutted by. I figured she was yelling this at me since I was the only white person there. I proceeded to wait on three more lines, bada bing bada boom, I now have a Visa.

Dear Sweet Singaporean lady that I swore at...I am sincerely sorry that I raised my voice at you.

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